Here are some questions you should ask when booking your next entertainer:

What age group is their show most suited for?
What do they do in their show?
What does their package include?
Do they do balloon animals?
How long is their performance?
How much experience do they have?
Do they have references?
What do they charge?
Do they accept credit cards?
What are the payment arrangements?
Are they Full-Time performers, and do they specialize in any target audience?

The answers to these questions will help you decide which entertainer is right for you. If professional entertainment has been arranged, schedule it to begin about 30 minutes after the party starts. That should allow ample time for late arrivals and ensure that everyone is there in time for the show. (If there are still a few stragglers when it’s ShowTime, have Mom or Dad keep an eye on the door so latecomers can be admitted before they ring the doorbell – – otherwise all the children will race to the door when they hear the bell- and disrupt the flow of any entertainment or activity in progress.)