When it comes to decorating, all you need to find are Dalmatian party items. You don’t need to have everything “Dalmatian” either. A few major items are fine; the rest of the decorations can be black and white to match the Dalmatian’s colors. There are several party stores around that carry many different themes, call and ask if they have items that will fit your theme. You can also call a company like Boxed Birthdays that will supply everything you need for your party theme delivered to your door. Moreover, remember you don’t need to go overboard. A few strategically placed decorations are often better than every square foot covered in color.


This is a place where your theme should begin. Dalmatian invitations will let everyone know the theme before they even get to the party. It is also a subtle suggestion of gift ideas for those who do not have any idea what to get. Make sure you get the invitations out a minimum of two weeks before the party to give parents time to plan.


If the party is scheduled during or close to lunch or dinner, serving food is essential. During a party the children are usually having so much fun with each other that serving a “normal” meal is not only unnecessary, but also unneeded. The children want to get back to the party activities as soon as possible; so pizza, pigs in a blanket, or sandwiches and chips are usually perfect. If you plan to serve food, keep it simple! Kids have basic tastes. “Finger food” works best and hot dogs, chips or pretzels, chicken nuggets and pizza with juice drinks are perennial favorites. Remember, it doesn’t take them long to eat – – 15 or 20 minutes are usually sufficient. Refreshments or snacks should be served before or after and NOT DURING the entertainment. To get maximum enjoyment out of a performance, the children need to focus their attention on the entertainment without distractions while it is in progress (The birthday cake and ice cream are best served AFTER the entertainment. That way the entertainer does not have to contend with an audience on a “sugar high” and serves as the fitting “grand finale” of the party).


Here is an area where you have many options. You can have a cake decorated and shaped to go with your theme, or a traditional cake just using the theme colors. You can have cake and ice cream or an ice cream cake. This is an area where your creativity can really come out. Lee Curtis has been to 1,000’s birthday parties and he has seen some amazing cakes. He once saw a Star Wars cake with a sculpture of R2D2 made of white chocolate on top. There was the “Magic” cake shaped like a rabbit coming out of a top hat. Then there was the cake that looked like a construction site complete with dump trucks and bulldozers. There was even a cake with a photo of Lee Curtis printed on the frosting! Use your imagination and have fun. A great idea that is gaining popularity is to have the cake at the party, the child blows out the candles, then put the cake aside and serve the children cupcakes. Kids love them, they are easier to serve, and you will have a lovely cake for an intimate family celebration of the child’s birthday later.